Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's best for our childrens' health?

For my first post ever, I'm going to focus on what's near and dear to my heart.  Children.  I am the father of two beautiful children, both under the age of 4. 
As the FDA releases details of a probe against the makers of Childrens Tylenol (my former employer Johnson & Johnson), it begs the question of what is truly safe for our children from a health care/maintenance perspective.  Check out the link to this story here:
I have many friends who also have children, and like me, they no doubt care for their children and want the best for them.  However, when news like today regarding serious allegations of defective finished products for children by one of the most trusted healthcare companies in the world comes to light, it begs the question:

What's best for our children?

I also have some friends who question the efficacy and impacts of vaccinations for their children, while others would not fathom bypassing the opportunity to give their children the "typical" battery of vaccinations.
As someone trained in the sciences, I firmly believe that a great deal of due diligence is conducted by drug companies in conjunction with governing bodies to ensure the safety and efficacy of their products.  However, with everything, nothing is perfect, and there are inherant flaws in these formulations.
So my question is, where do you stand on these issues?  Do you "believe" in giving children OTC drugs or vaccinations?
What are the consequences or risks of giving children pharmaceuticals.

I invite your pensive sharing.  Feel free to pass this post for comment to your family and friends.  I'm equally interested in everyone's perspective and dialogue on this issue...


  1. Okay. This has always been an issue that I can't decide what to hold fast too. I think there are definitely benefits of medicine and like you stated, it's not always perfect. That is a realistic risk we take each time we pop a pill, take a shot, etc. In my family we try not to take any medication unless we absolutely need it; especially with our daughter. If she got a cold we let it run it's course.

    In regards to vaccinations I have always had mixed feelings. It was one of those issues I never even thought about until after I had my daughter. So I am guilty of being the one that didn't even think about its negative effects. It may be foolish but I prayed my daughter would not have any ill effects. It is safe to say I need to do my on research to determine where I stand with vaccinations I suppose. I will say when the new flu vaccine came out we did not take it. I suppose it's funny how I didn't give it a second thought with the usual vaccinations and was totally skeptical of the new flu vaccination. However, the typical vaccinations have been around for years in oppose to the newer vaccines. I don't know Jarad! You might need to enlighten a sister! Lolol!

  2. April, the answer depends on if the environment (with other children) that Cadence is in consists of other non-vaccinated children. Its all about risk and exposure. The true risk is when a non-vaccinated child comes in contact with another non-vaccinated child...however there are inherrant risks with vaccinations too so its a matter of what type of risk you want to incur with your child and her potential for exposing others should she get sick...

  3. I do sometimes think there are too many vaccinations available to children. My son has food allergies so thus I was always adverse to giving him or my daughters the annual flu shot. I got a lot of criticism from family for not giving it to them and also I was forced to sign a "waiver" by my childrens' pediatrician saying that I am turning down the flu shot for them. I think that is ridiculous and makes me feel like a bad mother for not giving it to them.

    However when given the opportunity to vaccinate my children against serious, debilitating or life threatening diseases I chose to do so. I feel that the danger of not vaccinating them is much more serious than the very rare chance of them getting side effects from the vaccinations. History has shown us what polio does to a person's body and history has also shown us that there is a low risk of side effects from the polio shot.

  4. Okay Jarad I have heard that point made before in regards to vaccinations and definitely agree. Really I think that is what it all boils down to for parents when making that decision. I suppose I should clarify that my mixed feelings about vaccinations is not really about it's benefits or to vaccinate or not. However, it's more about the side effects which I know are not likely to occur other than a fever maybe. Perhaps I should not stress over it. I tend to be pessimistic sometimes and worry sets in a lot.

    It would be interesting to hear someone's point-of-view who does not vaccinate their child.